we declare Your Perfection above and beyond all: we have no knowledge whatsoever except what You have taught us. No doubt it is You, and You alone that is all Knowledgeable and all Wise. (al-Baqarah, 32)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

white flag

Up until a while ago, I had the idea that in order to do well for my assessments here, I have to make it exactly like what the examiner had in mind. I could have never been more wrong. Wrongest, even. It seems that, for some reasons or another, some of the examiners here haven’t the slightest clue of what they really, truly, and absolutely want. On one day, they can tell you as clear as day of what they want to see in your assignment, only to tell you to do it some other way on the next day. Such fickleness never fail amuse me, except that most of the time the amusement is heavily pancaked by amount of stress generated from examiner’s aforementioned fickleness.

Which brings me to the question : are we, the product of such system going to end up using the same system yet again when facing the challenges of educating the future generation? Will we raise the white flag and succumb to the wheel that we have been chained to? Or might we find the courage to break free and start a revolution. I sure hope that’s the case. But then again, it is all too often that we hear cases which points out that it is almost a nature for human beings to pass on the suffering that one has endured to another. Had it not been the case, there wouldn’t have been the term ‘bully’, right…

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday, I had arrived home from a very exhausting trip. The trip to my friend Wani's wedding took me and some other boys up north to Gurun, Kedah from KL (and some of us from Seremban). We stayed there for only a couple of hours or so before heading back home. As much as I'd like to write about it, I haven't transferred the pics taken from the wedding so that will have to wait for another time.

I'll have to admit tho, there is a little envy in seeing a friend at your age already married. It makes me question : why can't I?? Of course, I kinda know what kind of answers I'll get bombarded with if I were to voice out that question. Something along the lines of:

1. you're still too young... look at x, he married at abt your age and see where he is now
2. sure, if you least 20k then go ahead...
3. you?? marriage?? wahahahaha
4. nice try, come back and ask again after 3 years..
or better still...
5. *ignores and continues to read paper*

ah...such is the cold harsh realities of life. Unfair!!


I did ask my parents the question and the answer I got was none of the above. Instead, it was :

"Wait till you graduate, then we talk..."

Thats it, I'm going to courts mammoth!!

*life is a song made famous YUI

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Go with the flow

For some unknown reasons, there is suddenly a live wireless connection in my room. Free internet in my room. Yeah! Sure, the thing hiccups once in a while and its not all that fast, but hey, its free so I ain't complaining. This also means that my blog will be up and running again. expect another update sometime soon....ok, maybe not soon....see how la
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