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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Red-Coloured Promise

For the first time, things are looking a bit more concrete. What am I talking about? Why, marriage of course. Seems that my parents given me the green light to marry my special lady - provided that I have enough ka-ching to do so. In other words, the marriage probably won't materialize anytime soon. Not at least within a year or so. But hey, I've got their permission so I ain't complaining. Besides, who wants to get married with an empty pocket anyways (except maybe if you're marrying a multi-millionaire!).

On a totally unrelated news. I went to my cousin's wedding recently, and it was ludicrously grand. I can't even hope to have that kind of reception even if I've worked myself to death for the next 7 year (and note spend a penny within those 7 years). Will probably add some pics from the wedding when I manage to get my hands on some.

Holidays is coming to a close...oh well...

[edit : Sept 14, 08] It took a while but here are the pics. Credits to my cousin Peyjal, the cameraman. This is the story of Kak Aelya's wedding with...uh...what was his name now........ I really can't remember. Sorry pal

The bride and groom has entered the building

Me and my cousin Hilmy. I think we were looking at ourselves on the projection screen

The king and queen.... and their fanners (?)

Kak Aelya's parents, Pak Kasim & Mak Andak

Giving their speech. Caterer advertising service included

Nodi and Abang Buyong attentively listening...

And here are some pictures after the ceremony ended

Daya and me wearing what others call TESL uniform. Iqi tried to make and appearance but failed. Too bad son. Try again next time

My cousins. Too bad I myself couldn't make in into the pictures. My, how everyone has grown...

...and thats a wrap. The next wedding report could very well be that of my own =)

*The Red-Coloured Promise (茜色の約束) by いきものがかり
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