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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mata Aimashou

Graduation day passed. It was rather fun. The celebration was magnificent for something prepared by the Institute. The speeches (some of them, really) were inspiring, the choir was the best the I'd ever seen in the Institute ever since I set foot there, and the company, well, they were everything that mattered to me for those 2 short days.

I sure was fun, but more than that, it was sad. I met everybody I wanted to meet, though, with so little time and what with everybody having their own agenda, I didn't get to spend time with them as much as I'd hoped. And just thinking that that might be the last time we could all be together like that... it breaks my heart.

I want to watch a movie with them again

I want to have breakfast/lunch/dinner with them again

I want play hours and hours of video games with them again

I want to walk around aimlessly at the shopping mall with them again

I want to have long sessions of non-stop chatter with them again

I want to be able to meet them on a single sms notice again...

But I know that from here on out, nothing will ever be as it were again and the truth just kills me. I pray that we never erase those moment from our hearts, never forget one another, and at any given time, また会いましょう

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't care if there was no convocation.

I don't even care if I don't have a convo photo of me wearing some robe.

But I sure can't wait to be reunited with the homeboys (and girls) again tomorrow =)

*please forgive this yet anothet very brief entry... the next one will be a full blown one, promise

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have something I really want to write

But I really haven't got the time to

But I still want to write something, now that I have this rare opportunity to.

So, this is it. A post!

There. That made me feel a bit better =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey you! Come to our wedding reception!

Ok, that might not be the most subtle (or even modest) way to invite anyone to a wedding, but it gets the point across as good anything else, right?

If you're still into the old way of 'I won't come unless I receive a card', I'm really sorry to inform that I'm in a difficult situation to post any from where I'm at - there isn't even a post office around these parts!

Instead, please make do with this virtual invitation. Ladies and gentleman, I humbly present..

*Click image for a bigger, more reader friendly image.

The front page!
Here's the inside!
And here's a map too!
And that's a wrap. Again, truly sorry that I couldn't send it to you peeps personally, especially my dearest bros and sisters from IPBA.

Also, I'm currently in love with exclamation marks!

p/s: check out sofya's blog for the ceremony at her place!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you for the fish


The teacher I was pissed off with apologised. Maybe she felt bad about it. Maybe she noticed me being glum about it. Whatever the case is, as a show of good will, I'm going to forget all about it and delete what I've written in this post. So there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Student Cafe

I've always been one for funky ideas, but even by funky standards, this one is crazy funky:

* * * *

Ever felt like you wanted to have a good place to study while at the same time eat even better food? Well now you have one

Enter the student cafe!

The concept of the cafe is a place where students can come to eat and also study.

How so?

The student cafe made for students who like to entertain their tastebuds as they study in mind. Should you require any assistance with your studies, feel free to seek guidance from any of our well educated waiter or waitresses.

The biggest draw for the cafe will be the offers it provides. The student cafe will provide incentives in the form of discounts for students who could do 'Today's Shopwork (TM)'.On Math Mondays, for instance, answer a set of questions correctly within the allotted time and get yourself a 50% discount on any of the selected delicacies*.

The questions will be given according to students' levels (i.e. Year 1, Form 3, Form 5, etc...) and is topical based. The topic will be told in the previous week so try to study before hand for a better chance to gain this wonderful offer. Those who had attempted's scores (time) will be written on a board in the cafe and any student who manages to beat that time will receive the same offer. Be at the top of the leaderboard for 5 consecutive weeks or a total of 10 times (whichever first), and you will be inducted in our hall of fame and also receive a voucher for a full-course dinner for three.

Our other offers for the time being also includes English Wednesdays and Science Sundays.

Is the Student Cafe for everyone?

The cafe is for everyone, but the offers are only available for students*. Of course, if you're just looking for good place to eat, you are more than welcomed to give our cafe a visit.

For further information please visit your local Student Cafe today!


*All Shopworks must be done in the cafe and under the watchful eyes of any of the waiter or waitress.
*Offer only applicable for students who are members of the cafe. An annual fee of RM15 is required

We are now hiring. Looking for talented individuals who are willing to become full or part-time waiter/waitress/tutor. Visit your local Student Cafe for a walk-in interview today.

* * * *

To think I'm writing all this stuff in my free time. I must be really bored....

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