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Monday, March 22, 2010

First Mid-sem break 2010

Here's a recap of the last 1 week holiday in. Maybe someday, 20 years later or something, I might wonder, "what exactly did I do during that holiday between March 12 and 21 of 2010?" Well, myself in the future, fret not because the old (or should I say, younger) you had brilliantly written your life down so you wont ever worry about losing your memory.

1.Weddings! Two girls I knew got married and I attended them both. Congratz Mass and Nadia!!

2.Went to IPBA for our KISSM cert and got a lot more than that. Met with a whole bunch of my friends, had lunch together and went all over the megamall like we used to when we were still students. Gundams, games, and pointless wandering. Ah, good times.

3.Got lost on the road for 2 hours looking for the hotel the wife and I are going to stay at. Priceless. The next day, I woke up to find my car clamped BECAUSE I PARKED IN THE WRONG RESERVED PLOT. I was only 5 minutes late of avoiding it too.

4.Video games of course! I can't say i've gone to KL without taking some games back. This time it's God of War III, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. That's three PS3 games, finally a reason for me to haul that thing over to the island. Oh, I've actually finished 2 of those.

5.Got two tickets to Video Games Live! Bought the third tier ticket which was not too bad a price, but realized later that we could've just bought a cheaper one. But what's done is done, and I'm super stoked about it. April can't come fast enough!

And that's about all there is. Today, work as usual. And first day of work after a holiday is always a major burn...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lets go to VGL!

Do you like video games? What about music?

If your answers for those two questions were along the lines of "DUDE, YES!!" then you ought to be really excited for Video Games Live which is going to take place right here in Malaysia next month.

What's that, you say?

Here's a promotional poster of VGL, featuring me.

OK, maybe the 'poster' was insufficient. Simply put, it's an orchestra that plays some of the best music that has ever graced the interactive entertainment world, backed by some visual treats that one might expect in to see in a concert instead of a prim and proper orchestra. Or perhaps the talented video game composer cum VGL co-creator Tommy Tallarico can explain way better than I do.

I've had the privilege to attend VGL during autumn of 08 when it was brought to NZ shores, so I can personally attest to its awesomeness. Just the thought of watching it again makes me tingle!

Video Games Live will be going live at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on April 17th. The fact that they're having a show in the piracy central Malaysia is mind-blowing. Malaysian gamer enthusiasts especially, show some support! I'm definitely going (even if I have to take a leave from work!). Now, I'll be frank that tickets ain't exactly cheap, but if you have any passion on both games and music, it's well worth it.

For bookings and pricing, please check here.
If you want to know more about Video Games Live, I suggest you jump the official website here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Video games, time, and me

So Final Fantasy XIII came out today. For someone who absolutely loves video games, and also someone who had played the series from VII all the way to XII (minus the MMO XI), it's baffling, to even myself, that I'm not all that interested of the new game.

What could this mean? That I'm losing interests in video game?
No, if anything, I've been a much more avid gamer these days that I was when I was in my early teens.

The fact of the matter is, that time's a changing. Video games, along with the industry has gone a long way since the last decade. And so have I.

When I was 12, watching a game which had super slick full motion video (for its time) was the best thing ever. Me, now turning 25, doesn't want that in a game no more. I want to be able to actively take part in my video game journeys. And so I turn to games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, games of which are currently my definition of top-tier RPG.

I'm not, in any sense of the word, belittling Final Fantasy XIII here. I'm sure there are some pockets of people out there who are screaming in glee as they get to play the game they've been waiting years for, and it's probably for a good reason. I can't think that a Final Fantasy could possibly be a bad game.

But at this point in time, it's probably not the game for me anymore.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I need this

No... it's not another video game. It's just a drink that I've come to grow fond of since my days in NZ/AU. And it seems I can finally enjoy this awesome beverage locally!! But in Seremban of all places though...
Here's a picture evidence, taken by some guy/girl on Facebook. Whoever you are, I totally missed your name and forgot to copy your link too. In the unlikely event that you stumble upon this blog, I would like to sincerely apologise for this and also thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

Bubble tea....mmmmmm~
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