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Monday, April 19, 2010

Najibu at VGL Malaysia 2010!

In case you all hadn't heard, Video Games Live happened last Saturday. I had to leave my island prison Friday evening, rush to KL the next day, and return in the wee hours of Sunday. I got home at 4.30 IN THE MORNING for crying out loud. But. I couldn't be more satisfied that I had been to such an outrageously wonderful event.

The host, the orchestra, the vocals and the hall. Everything was top of the class.

The performance was actually pretty similar to the one I attended in Wellington some 4 years ago but there is something about watching it on my own home soil that makes it significantly better. The segments (the songs, if you are so inclined) for VGL Malaysia are catered more for the Asian audience. Meaning : there are more songs from Square, Konami and the likes. The only thing that makes it rather distasteful to me is that 90% of the songs they play are from games likely played by the attendees by rather... illegal means.

In any case, I can stress enough how AMAZING the 2.5 hour show was and I would not have second thoughts to give it another shot anytime. I only regret I couldn't get my copy of the VGL CD autographed because I couldn't possibly queue until 1am when a 4 hour drive still awaits =(

Here are some highlights of the show courtesy of Youtube.

This here is the theme for The Legend of Zelda performed by the very talented Laura Intravia

The Castlevania theme, with VGL co-creator Tommy Tallarico playing the lead guitar.

And in a surprise reveal, the last song, the encore, was Time's Scar. One of my favourite piece of all time.

I was initially a little disappointed that Liberi Fatale wasn't on the show, but Time's Scar more than makes up for it. There's plenty of other songs played including from hits such as Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and even Tetris so if you're interested hit VGL KL up on Youtube and you're bound to find something.
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