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Friday, February 11, 2011

I like to Move it Move it

My PS3 is alive again!! After 2 months in the fixing bay and RM380 worth of cash flying out of my wallet. But well, at least I don't have to buy another one for the THIRD time.

It so happens that after picking the console up we (the wife and I) ran into a Sony Style and.. er... kind of accidentally picked up the Move.

It was by accident.. really.

Anyways, I've never played any of these motion control game thingies before. I don't own a wii and have never even played it so I was really curious..

The Move set that we bought came with Sports Champions and we bought another Move controller just so that we could play it together. After giving it whirl, I think that it works great! I don't exactly think it's a replacement for the classic controller. While I had fun playing ping pong with the Move, I would never want to use that for games like Uncharted.

Overall though, I think it is a recommendable piece of hardware. It's not exactly cheap, but at RM 180 a piece, it's considerably cheaper than the plastic guitar controller (which most of you who own it may have already stashed in you closets) and will likely have support for more games in the future. The There are however some limitations of the hardware that I think you should consider before picking it up.
  1. You'll need some space to play this. A pretty large space at that especially if you're going to play a two player game.
  2. Your TV better be big. I guess a 32" will do, but for best results, I'd say 40" above since you'll be playing from about anywhere between 2-3 meters the screen.
  3. It doesn't work well in a brightly lit room. Your movements with the Move is captured by a camera. When it's too bright, the camera won't be able to recognise the color of the ping pong ball at the tip of the Move controller. Also, playing in a dark, preferably closed private room also works better for you because people won't be able to see you flailing your arm around like a madman.
  4. As I've said in the last one, it WILL make others look at you weird.
Other than that, it's all good. It's also a great way to get people who aren't even into gaming interested in trying. My nephews absolutely loved it. I even I got my mum to try it, and she has never touched a game before! So I say, buy it, if not for you then at least for your family.

Psst, Sony, shouldn't you at least be paying me some for this ad? :p
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