we declare Your Perfection above and beyond all: we have no knowledge whatsoever except what You have taught us. No doubt it is You, and You alone that is all Knowledgeable and all Wise. (al-Baqarah, 32)

Monday, December 31, 2007

welcome to the jungle


darn...maybe I should seriously consider doing more exercise from now on :p

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Day You Went Away

It was probably 10 at that time. After immersing myself in amazingly detailed world of mass effect for about 1 and a half hour, my dad asked me wether I wanted to follow him to pick up my sister and brother-in-law at the pier. The road between Pekan and Kuantan was still closed because of the ongoing flood and the only option to get to Pekan from Kuantan was by boat. I hesitated, but then changed my mind, switched off the game and head out.

Long story short, we picked them up and returned home straight away. I didn't waste any time to pick up where I left off. Another 2 hour of my time was invested for gaming. When mom called for lunch, I put the controller down, took the disc out and switched off the console. Little did I know that it would be my last chance to enjoy the game.

After lunch, I returned for another helping of mass effect. I switched on the console only to learn that it was displaying 3 red lights. Meaning - theres something wrong with the system harware. Its the console's equivalent to the human's coma. I was frustrated, no doubt cos theres no guarantee I can it fixed given that it was originally bought in NZ. I did everything I could thought off and went to sleep the worry away. It took some time before it finally sank in... and then it hit me. Maybe this is all just another test from the great Creator. Maybe it just seems like coincidence but it is, afterall, befitting of the day where mankind are encouraged to perfrom sacrafice.

This is the conclusion that I reached: I will try to get the console fixed, but just in case it couldn't be done, maybe its high time for me to quit gaming altogether. A sacrafice that I'm sure one day or another I would have to make.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sinking of Pekan

The rainy season is officially here and my hometown of Pekan is getting flooded. This is by far the worse case since 1998. Today is the third day since Pekan started flooding and the water level is still rising thanks to the seemingly non-stop raining.


Actually, just a portion of the town is flooded. Some areas are still passable by car but there are areas which are just too flooded for anything to get through.

the river is pouring onto the streets

Another cause for the flood is cos the Pahang River is right next to the town. As you can see from the pic above the river is consuming the road and within a few days you will see boats on that road instead of cars.

This is the area which is most affected by the flood. The water level is just a few inches before entering the shops. Most of the shops, however, are still open. Most admirable.

The flood has also caused the Pekan-Kuantan road to get cut off. Because, food supply are mostly brought in from outside of town, there is currently a shortage of food in town. As if things couldn't get any worse, we don't get any supply of water as of this morning because the water pumping facility has been submerged. Our only source of water now is the sky. I don't know how things are going to turn out in the coming days but I do know the longer this flood last, the worse the situation is going to become. Worse comes to worse, I would gladly give my life away and ride on that submarine to....oh wait, wrong story :p

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My December

Tis a season of engagements and marriages. Honestly, not a week will go by without at least 2 engagements or marriage ceremonies that I am obliged to attend. All those aside, December seems to be very very boring cos I'm mainly stuck at home. Ah...I wanna go out and play frisbee, go picnic somewhere, maybe hang out for some bubble tea, or invite some friends over to play games all day long. No, I can't have those, not any single one of those. Its so depressing...and boring. I kind of miss November now, however horrible and hectic that month was.

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Bridge Too Far

Notice : There are 2 things that you need to know if you plan to read. 1)The following entry contains sensitive (controversial even) issues that people may disagree with or find offensive. Read at your own discretion, and please accept it as the writer's personal opinion. 2) Its a long (and fairly formal) read.

If there was something that is the pride and joy of Malaysia, it is it's multi-racial populace and all of which, live in harmony. Unfortunately, some recent turn of events revealed that this is no longer the case....or perhaps it was never the case in the first place. Perhaps there has always been a rift between the races, only now its fast becoming a canyon. Now, I'm not usually one to comment on things like this. I hate politics through and through but. Racism, however, is against one of the tenets of being najibu. Therefore conflict between races, especially among Malaysians deeply troubles me. I've been thinking on this issue a lot and I think that without actually realizing it (or meaning to do it) people have been putting up a wall between races brick by brick.

No non-sense

The phrase 'non-*insert noun here*' is frequently used in this country and is largely accepted by most. I don't know what most people think of the phrase but to me, its one of the phrases that I have always disagreed with it's usage. When you say, for example, 'non-muslim', its like saying theres the Muslim, and then theres everyone else. Sure, people might argue that its much easier to say it that way because Muslims are the majority in this country but it doesn't hurt to acknowledge that there are people with other religious beliefs, which btw, isn't called 'non-Muslim'. I love my religion, and I think other people love their own religion as much as I love mine. So for me, this has got to do with respect. If we don't show people the respect they deserve, how could we expect people to respect us in return. Without mutual respect among people, conflict is surely abound. Call me overreactive, but hey, its my opinion.

Pride and prejudice

Our people are much too diversed and much of them live in their own flock. There nothing that can be done about this. Its only natural for people to stick in grous that they relate to most. The problem is when theres too strong a presence of racial pride. Unless we want to widen the gap between people, these feelings have got to go. No one race better than the other - all of us should be considered equals. Although this is what I want to believe, I know for a fact that its almost impossible to get everybody to think this way. Its sad, but its true. The only thing worse than this is that some people have bad perception of people who are outside of their ethnic races. I've heard parents not allowing their child to mingle around with people of a different ethnic race. Under such circimstances, the child will grow up to have a certain prejudice towards other ethnic races and later in his life teach his/her child the same thing. Its a never-ending story.

One race to rule them all

It is my dream to see every Malaysian as...well, Malaysians. If we could somehow do away with the race thingy.. The way things are now, the different ethnic races in Malaysia will always associate themselves with something different. The Malays will believe that Malaysia is righfully theirs. The Chinese will see China as the country where they originated and as for the Indians, India. Yes, we can clear the this by merely adding the word 'Malaysian' before their ethnic races but I don't think that solves the issue. If we were able to somehow consider 'Malaysian' as a race instead of a nationality. Frankly, I don't think its gonna happen. I know, its not as simple to do as it is to say and political issues certainly won't allow this to happen anytime soon. I did say in the first sentence that its my dream didn't I? Thats what its likely going to be - just a dream. Even if it won't officially happen, I do hope there are other Malaysian who see things this way.

This is one issue that has been I've been debating alone inside of my head. As such, theres plenty more that I can write but I should just leave it at that. On a side note, I am perfectly neutral from a political stand-point. Everything that I have written are wholly that of my own thought and therefore does not reflect my affliction to any ideologies, factions or secret societies of sort. If anybody actually reads this piece of writing and finds it annoying or offensive, I sincerely apologize. I do not condemn other peoples thought on the matter, nor am I saying that they are wrong, I merely stated what I disagreed with and what I think could be better. Again, I truly apologize if I offended somebody in the process. Peace be upon you all.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Field of Dreams

I had a strange dream last night. I was talking with an unknown guy in Japanese. I wasn't sure if that guy himself was Japanese but his Japanese was of native speaker quality. My Japanese was at my current level, which means I have to think before I can make out a sentence. In a way, it was practice through pushed output. When woke up and thought about it though, I noticed something really strange. The whole thing took place in my dream, which means its all in my head. Then, how was my brain able to generate perfect Japanese for the other guy when my Japanese was no better than it is in the real world. The only explanation I could think of is, in a dream could happen. :p
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