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Saturday, December 8, 2007

My December

Tis a season of engagements and marriages. Honestly, not a week will go by without at least 2 engagements or marriage ceremonies that I am obliged to attend. All those aside, December seems to be very very boring cos I'm mainly stuck at home. Ah...I wanna go out and play frisbee, go picnic somewhere, maybe hang out for some bubble tea, or invite some friends over to play games all day long. No, I can't have those, not any single one of those. Its so depressing...and boring. I kind of miss November now, however horrible and hectic that month was.

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suefin said...

hmm... it is sad not to be able to do all those fun stuff anymore. welly life was almost like a second childhood. except for lectures and assignments, we got to play all day. haha... now all i do is to watch tv all day... pathetic =(

soyasofya said...

adekah a bridge too far itu satu lagu juge?

najibu said...

bridge too far adalah nama cite, x pun nama game. sy lupe mana satu. hohoho

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