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Sunday, November 25, 2007

NZ journals # 6 - Good-bye Days

This is gonna be my last post in NZ as I'll be returning to Malaysia in less than 24 hours. Finally, my life story in NZ is coming to a close.

Nothing much to say.. I'm not happy, neither am I sad. Packing is a hassle though. That also made me realize that I have too much gaming stuff. It might go more than 20kg, all thanks to the 8kg lcd tv I'm bringing back. Hope it won't. There is one thing I'm carrying home which I know is more than the weight alloted by the airline - the memories of the past 2 years I spent here. Its the one thing that I will treasure for the rest of my life

OK... I said I won't be sad, but I will most definitely miss my life here. Goodbye NZ.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NZ Journals #5 - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Perhaps the best thing about my 2 year stay in NZ is having great friends around, both new and old.

The B.Ed boys

friends then, friends now

Hadi, Nesa and Jarod...I've spent a great deal of time with these boys back in IPBA and they are still spending time with them, albeit not as much as. Everybody's always busy and besides, we're not living in a single building like we used to in IPBA. However, that never stopped them from being an absolutely wonderful group of friends, and ones that I could always depend on. Thanks guys

The Torrens Team

torrens conquers all!!

My other housemates (excluding Hadi), Deli and Kurt. Truth be told, I don't know too many people outside of those from my course. These 2 quickly became on of the earliest non-TESL friends I made. They're good people and it was unfortunate that I only got to know them better in my final year here. Kurt also happened to be an excellent game buddy. One that I can always trust my back to when I'm playing Halo online. Go Torrens Team.

The International
friends and rivals

Despite being in NZ for almost 2 years, I have to say that compared to my other Malaysian friends, I don't have that many friends that aren't from Malaysia. Daichi was one of the few. He's not only a good friend who is totally fun to have around but is also my gaming rival. My only regret was to lose to him 8-10 on our final Dead or Alive match. And then there's Chizuru, who has been a great help in increasing my Japanese language proficiency. I really hope I get to see them both again in the future.

The Guys at EB
Unfortunately, I never got a picture of them. But then again, you don't expect a customer to walk in a shop and take some snappy snappy of the shop attendants do you. Being a regular customer of EB Games Wellington, I have befriended all of the full-time workers there, so much so that we know each others' name. Imagine that, going into a shop and the workers there can call you by name...priceless. Its all the better that they are a great bunch of people. Tommy, Pete, Dave, Fei, Stephen and Lucy, although I haven't got a picture of them, I have a feeling I won't be forgetting about them anytime soon.

The Nihongo Students

taisetsu na tomodachi

And finally this quatro of Japanese Language students, Aishah, Leny, Sue Fin and myself. I learnt a lof of useful things from them and I have to say, these guys...er, girls played a major part in making me much more social these days. It was only after going out and hanging out with them this year that I realized going out with a group of people can actually be fun and that encouraged me to start hanging out with more people. Not suprisingly, I made a lot more friends this year than I did last year. If it weren't these girls, I'd probably be the hermit crab I was last year. You people are awesome friends in my book.
To all my friends here in NZ, thank you for making my life in NZ memorable and so much better than I expected. Allow me to finish this in a very kiwi way by saying, thanks heaps guys!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Goodbye to you

What can I say

We've only been together for what... about 8 months now maybe?

And now you are leaving me, gone from my life

Was it because of me?

Was it because I don't spend enough time with you?

Or was it because you were jealous that I spent more time with another instead of you..

Still, I don't think that a good enough reason for you to leave me like this

But now you're gone

What can I say

But know this

Sure, I may have not spend so much time with you

But that does not mean that that I don't love you

For all the money and time I spent for you, how can I not love you

Indeed. I shall miss you

Your sexy and curvy lines

Your dark and shiny skin

But now you're gone

What more can I say

Except goodbye, my ps3

najibu's ps3 : march 23 - november 12 2007
total time spent together : around 120-140 hours
for the amount of money I invested to get my hands on it, it sure didn't live up to my expectations..but to be broken within less than 1 year of purchase (and just within weeks of leaving NZ!) is just utterly heart-breaking. Danked

Friday, November 9, 2007

The NZ Journal #4 - home and away

Finally, Najibu has the opportunity to update his blog. Things has been very busy for Najibu for the last couple of week and not to mention, some crazy events took place in that short period of time.

Now to why Najibu hasn't updated his blog for a long time :
1.1Najibu's parents came to NZ
1.2 Najibu got kicked out of his room and had to stay downstairs
1.3 Najibu's laptop was always in his room.
1.4 Najibu lost his previlege of 24/7 internet access.

2.1 Najibu's house organized an open house
2.2 Najibu got busy with stuff and helping out

3.1 Najibu was away for 5 days on a trip to which took him all over the North Island

With regards to the trip North, Najibu really tried his best to enjoy it but it just wasn't his cup of tea. However, there was at least one interesting thing that he managed to do which are these pics below

Najibu's work when he was stressed and bored

Najibu's work when he was missing someone

Well, its nothing special, but Najibu likes it, and therefore it goes into Najibu's blog!

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