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Friday, November 9, 2007

The NZ Journal #4 - home and away

Finally, Najibu has the opportunity to update his blog. Things has been very busy for Najibu for the last couple of week and not to mention, some crazy events took place in that short period of time.

Now to why Najibu hasn't updated his blog for a long time :
1.1Najibu's parents came to NZ
1.2 Najibu got kicked out of his room and had to stay downstairs
1.3 Najibu's laptop was always in his room.
1.4 Najibu lost his previlege of 24/7 internet access.

2.1 Najibu's house organized an open house
2.2 Najibu got busy with stuff and helping out

3.1 Najibu was away for 5 days on a trip to which took him all over the North Island

With regards to the trip North, Najibu really tried his best to enjoy it but it just wasn't his cup of tea. However, there was at least one interesting thing that he managed to do which are these pics below

Najibu's work when he was stressed and bored

Najibu's work when he was missing someone

Well, its nothing special, but Najibu likes it, and therefore it goes into Najibu's blog!

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soyasofya said...

sye suke gambar kedua itu. mekasih!

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