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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The NZ Journals #3 - Games Meet

It is a well know fact that I love video games. So what could be even more interesting than being a gaming hermit in my room? Why, playing with a bunch of friends of course!

5 people = 5 times the fun

Every now and then people would come over and spend some time playing games with me. It doesn't happen all that often, which is too bad, considering how I really enjoyed those moments. It's not always the same bunch but there are some regular faces such as Daichi and Fifi. Then theres those times where I would play with my three housemates but even that is pretty rare. The time I spent most playing with another person is either when I'm playing Halo 3 with my war buddy Kurt or when I'm duking it out 1 on 1 in Dead or Alive 4 with my equally-good-at-games friend Daichi. Fun times indeed.

3 free comments:

soyasofya said...

aaa.. bilik yg kemas.. bagus2

najibu said...

tu bukan bilik a..tu living room

ah^kam koko' said...

Yeah! I love my face!

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