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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Adventures of the Torrens pt 4 - Cleaning Up the Closet

Last time on the Adventures of the Torrens, the all of Blue Team members has assembled for one final showdown with their arch-nemesis, the Evil Red Team.

If the fight is decided from how cool their outfits looks, the Red Team would have easily won. Fortunately, war isn't a beauty contest.

It doesn't take too long to realize that the other members of the Blue Team are more useless than they seem. One might wonder was it worth it to even save them in the first place.

Luckily the captain is alone is enought to take care of business.

The Red Team put on a tough fight but as soon as they realized that their chance of survival was slim, they quickly ran with their tail between their legs.

With memories of the past haunting him, evil thoughts sprang to his mind. What will happen? Find out in the concluding chapter of the Adventures of the Torrens!

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