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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the adventures of the torrens pt. 3 - the journey home

Last time, the Torrens learnt of the Evil Red Team's evil scheme to assault their base. Fearing for the safety of their belongings...er...their comrades, they made haste to the base.

Driving lesson 101 - no matter how in much in a rush you are, safety always comes first. Think about your loved ones.

The road home was a bumpy one, but the captains driving was top notch. They managed to get back to base with everything intact....almost everything.

As they entered the base, they encountered an enemy patrolman. They knew they had to finish this one before he had the chance to call for reinforcments.

Despite not being able to drive, he later figured out that he could just as easily save them on foot, and so he did.

Finally, the team is once again complete. Will they be able to rid the base of the Red Team and save the world? Find out next time.

to be continued again....

credits : this chapter features special guest; ah seng

3 free comments:

soyasofya said...

he dropped his purse? ampun, dh lame wat keje camni?

ah^kam koko' said...

you guys are having so much fun!
nak join!!!

najibu said...

come come, no admission fee required. hehe

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