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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am loving Halo 3

October 2nd, 2200 hours. The Blue Team (callsign: The Torrens) reported for duty in an attempt to thwart the evil Red Team in their effort of world domination. Armed with nothing but our trusty assault rifles and wits, we head to the battlefield.

War is not won by brute force alone. Tactical considerations were imperative to ensure the success of our mission.

However, not everything goes as planned all the time. It also doesn't help that there wasn't a plan to begin with...

Things were looking grim for our platoon but we persevered. In the thick of things, one of our adversaries managed to secure himself a ride. That sneaky little devil!

We were quickly overwhelmed by our enemies' newfound weapon of mass murder.

Clocking at 4.55 minutes, the madness ended quicker than you can make yourself a cup of coffee.

At the end of the battle, we tallied our casualty report. As you might see from the pic above, our squad (blue) was brutally massacred with a 50-13 defeat. In layman's term - we are t3h lamerz. We may have lost the fight, but at least we gained valuable experience (trying to be positve here). Looks like its back to boot camp for the Blue Team


4 free comments:

Anonymous said...

kene buli KAW KAW....for sure the other team felt like playing against snotty primary kids!!!

soyasofya said...

hahaha.. adeh la..

najibu said...

next time they wont be so lucky. hohoho :p

star said...

huhu gile best sey..co-op sampai 4 org skali.. aku nk juge game ini dan keseronokan yg dtg bersamanya!!!

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