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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The NZ journals #2 - the weather

It's impossible to describe Wellington without mentioning about the bizzare weather here. The name, 'Windy Wellington' describes it all. It doesn't really matter what time of year it is, the wind here will blow you away, but I guess its something you have to experience yourself to comprehend what I am talking about. At one time, I had to hold on to a pole just to avoid myself from being pushed away. In fact, when the wind is blowing at full force from the front, you might not even be able to breath cos your chest is being pushed inwards. For those of you who have and is thinking, "hah, you say that kind of wind is strong?!" All I have to say is apparently you haven't been here long enough to truly feel the wrath of the wind around here. Sometimes when its blowing strong enough you can even here the 'howling' of the wind. Believe me, the sound can be scary at times. Especially when you are alone in the dark in your room.

Rain is pretty frequent here in Welli. I like the rain here because sometimes, the rain drops are so soft that you will hardly get wet even if you're walking in the rain. I did say sometimes though so don't blame me when you try this and find yourself soaking wet. The rain+the wind can usually add up to a very chilly day. Using the umbrella is not a very good idea in Welli unless you want it to fly away or at least end up broken. I HAVE seen some people using it but only very few rare instances. Despite my great intrigue to know what ever happened to them, I simply didn't have to time to follow them and see if their umbrella came to any harm.

Okay! That wraps up this edition of the NZ journals. More coming soon

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