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Friday, October 19, 2007

Can you figure out these riddles?

On my last day of school experience, one of the staffs handed out a piece of paper with the following pictures on it just for fun. I really enjoyed it and so I wanted to share it with others as well. Here's a tip, its not too hard really. You can check for the answers below each picture but I highly recommend trying for yourself before you do so. Have fun :)

answer : seven seas (easy right)

answer : forgive and forget

answer : missing you (TRIMAS KAT ALI G)

answer : uptown

answer : see through blouse (bet you couldn't figure tht out :p)

answer : first aid (all too easy)

answer : west indies (okay, this requires a bit background knowledge so I won't blame you even if you don't know)

answer : six feet under (I think you're starting to get the hang of things by now)

answer : glance behind

answer : tricycle (this one's pretty obvious no)

answer : reading between the lines

answer : crossroads (another easy one)

answer : below zero degrees (come on, you know you're starting to see the pattern now)

answer : neon lights (clever! I like this one)

answer : just between you and me

answer : one in a million

answer : broken promise

answer : touchdown

answer : life starts at 40

answer : jack in a box (easy no)

answer : growing economy (this one's a tough one, the only one of the few I couldnt figure out for myself)

answer : apple pie (one of my favs. i hated maths and totally forgot what those numbers mean :p)

answer : standing ovation (not too bad is it)

answer : making up for lost time (hohoho)

answer : i understand you undertake to undermine my undertaking (the toughest in my opinion. never saw that coming)

So there we have it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing and making them myself (^_^)

6 free comments:

ali G said...

i think 'k' is also missing in da 'missing u' pic. hm~~

najibu said...

alamaks! trimas for the feedback. edit coming right away

manan said...

aku boley buat.....hahahaha...ade reward ke? -manan-

najibu said...

hadiah ko ialah ko bleh mintak ali g puji ko

soyasofya said...

hidup ini penuh dgn teka teki.. tsk tsk..

Yuen said...


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