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Monday, November 12, 2007

Goodbye to you

What can I say

We've only been together for what... about 8 months now maybe?

And now you are leaving me, gone from my life

Was it because of me?

Was it because I don't spend enough time with you?

Or was it because you were jealous that I spent more time with another instead of you..

Still, I don't think that a good enough reason for you to leave me like this

But now you're gone

What can I say

But know this

Sure, I may have not spend so much time with you

But that does not mean that that I don't love you

For all the money and time I spent for you, how can I not love you

Indeed. I shall miss you

Your sexy and curvy lines

Your dark and shiny skin

But now you're gone

What more can I say

Except goodbye, my ps3

najibu's ps3 : march 23 - november 12 2007
total time spent together : around 120-140 hours
for the amount of money I invested to get my hands on it, it sure didn't live up to my expectations..but to be broken within less than 1 year of purchase (and just within weeks of leaving NZ!) is just utterly heart-breaking. Danked

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soyasofya said...


ah^kam koko' said...

couldn't you get a warranty to have it replace?

najibu said...

they couldnt replace it cos sony has cut the production of the old model for a more cheap but downgraded model. My friends at eb managed to get it repaired tho and is currently making its way to my house via mail :)

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