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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey you! Come to our wedding reception!

Ok, that might not be the most subtle (or even modest) way to invite anyone to a wedding, but it gets the point across as good anything else, right?

If you're still into the old way of 'I won't come unless I receive a card', I'm really sorry to inform that I'm in a difficult situation to post any from where I'm at - there isn't even a post office around these parts!

Instead, please make do with this virtual invitation. Ladies and gentleman, I humbly present..

*Click image for a bigger, more reader friendly image.

The front page!
Here's the inside!
And here's a map too!
And that's a wrap. Again, truly sorry that I couldn't send it to you peeps personally, especially my dearest bros and sisters from IPBA.

Also, I'm currently in love with exclamation marks!

p/s: check out sofya's blog for the ceremony at her place!

6 free comments:

kimimaro said...

hey you! come to my wedding jugak...

soyasofya said...

sye akan datang. akan.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Sorry, dude.
I cant make it.
I've got kelas ganti on that date...

I'm sure you'll have a great one!

fin said...

exclamation marks are the most wonderful thing!!!!! =p

najibu said...

hey apeace! we shud have just made a double celebration in IPBA!

sofya: kalo awak tak datang masalah besar lah!

jarod bro: i really hope to see most of the boys on my wedding. too bad you can't be there =(

fin: i know! and to think that i've only just recently realized that!!

kimimaro said...

jom wat double celebration kat ipba...tapi kalu ali-g pon kawin next month lagi bagus...leh wat triple...haha...barua btul ali-g...

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