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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May additional highlights

A lot of wonderful things happened last month. I was able to meet my friends, attended the graduation ceremony, and a cousin of mine got married. And there's plenty of goodness left to mention!

I'm gonna go through this in sequential order

First off is my first snorkeling mission..er... experience (maybe). Man, that was fun, the corals in Tioman is a sight to behold, and I think I've finally got better at swimming! Whee~

During my short, short stay in KL, I managed to steal a few moments to get to Gamer's Hideout and bought a stack of games. This is the largest number of games I've bought in one go since November 2008. Probably could last me till the end of the year! Probably... but I'm guessing that's not gonna be the case ;p

And finally, I received this very special gift from future-sister-in-law. YUI's 1st album!! !Straight from Japan too (though more precisely, amazon.jp)!!! This album is one of my all time favourite. It's also one of the two albums in my life history which I can listen from the first track to the last one and keep on listening. It's so special that I kind of don't want to tear the wrapper..ahaha. Arigatou gozaimasu future-sister-in-law-san! =)

As for June, the only big event I can foresee is the wedding. Also looking forward to meeting my friends at the wedding. Do come y'all!

5 free comments:

ahseng said...

but ur wedding is in june?

how much to go for snorkelling and/or diving in tioman?

najibu said...

oh snap. totally messed up. shud be may highlights.. wahahaha

i'm losing all senses of time

dayot said...

alamak,kantoi dr amazon^^;

najibu said...

hahah..xpe la. trimas byk2 ye!

ah^kam_koko' said...

I hope you're going to spend more time with your wife than with the stack of 'wives' you just bought!

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