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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The first step to global domination!!

Pre-read: If you've read soyasofya's recent blog entry, you'd have learnt that she had somehow dragged me into her online purchasing fiasco.

I've always wanted to have a game retail store of my own but I know perfectly nothing on how to actually start one. But today, I think I might have taken one tiny step towards the fruition of my life ambition. Today, I have officially affiliated myself with Play-Asia.com

As you could probably see, there is a newly added, highly hi-tech and stylishly simple banner to the right. See? See? See if there's anything you fancy. Looking for more? feel free to help yourself with the search box in the column.

Based on my own experience as a buyer, Play-Asia has some of the most crazy bargains around, especially for older stuff (I bought Too Human for RM30!). Newly released stuff usually cost a bit more than the ones sold locally but hey, postage is totally free anywhere in Malaysia. Also, they accept payment through Maybank Visa.

Okay, that's enough of me pimping about my new affiliate. Head there, check it out yourself, and help me fuel my ambition to conquer the local gaming scene! Mwahahaha

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Yuen said...

clap clap clap

ahseng said...

wooohoooo. let's do it

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