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Friday, December 25, 2009

Borderlands - a bite-sized review

In theory, it's not hard to imagine an FPS with RPG elements thrown in for good measure. A few games actually tried this formula. None succeeded. Then came along Borderlands.

Borderlands is a killer combination of 3 great games - the light tactical combat of Halo, combined with Modern Warfare like shooting mechanics plus controls, and the addictive nature of leveling up and collecting loot of Diablo.

If any two of those games are your cup of tea, you'll find a lot to like in Borderlands.

The game is best played with 3 other players but even on your own, the experience still holds up pretty well. Borderlands is an excellent original game that is easily one of my personal favourite title this year.

The good
  • Perfect balance of FPS and RPG
  • Sleek visuals
  • Long, highly replayable campaign
  • Excellent co-op game
The not so good
  • Bare-bone story
  • Frame-rate takes a hit when things get crazy
  • No split-screen LAN play!!

3 free comments:

kimimaro said...

YES...Borderlands is my cup of tea with extra sugar...let's have vacation at Zombie Island...yeah...

ah^kam_koko' said...

This tea has got just the right amount of milk too!

Love the gameplay but I do wish for a bit more storytelling.

najibu said...

yup. right amount of tea leaves too..


agree with jarod. if i'd have too rate the game, i'd give it a 4/5. but i do love the game very much reagardless

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