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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The successful story at M fest

This is a long overdue report of the Malaysian fest, which took place LAST SUNDAY. The festival is what you might have expected of something called Malaysian festival. Dances, songs, the usual stuffs and stalls. Honestly, it only really mattered because our own cohort 2 (abt 20 of us or so since not everybody cared to join) opened up our own stall, which was cool.

People came to set up the stall at abt 830. I came at 9.30 cos I didnt notice somebody sent me a msg the night before. By the time I was there it was all done so I only had to hang our banner, which is a very...inventive one.

its kinda hard to see from this pic, but that banner was actually tied using a LAN cable!

By 10a.m, people had started coming, marking the beginning of our business. If I remember correctly the food that we had offered were

  • nasi kuning + ayam masak merah
  • nasi + ayam rendang
  • karipap (yg plg bes)
  • roti canai
  • seri muka
  • onde2/kuih melaka
  • kuih goyang/loyang (not quite sure the name)
  • Sardine roll
  • Pengat, pisang & labu

image was purposely darkened at the top half so you would focus on the food and not the people...

So yea, we had quite a lot of stuff there and as you can see, karipap (the one in the big bowl) was the fastest selling item. There are a few good reasons behind this. One thing for sure is that it tastes good, so credits to Nada and whoever else that helped her with that. At a mere 50c, we also sold it for a price much cheaper than our competitions. Some others charged it for $1 each. It could also be the fact that even the people behind the counter were tempted to eat some of them (paid of course)

At around 1, people started to come like a rapid torrent and sales spiked up instantaneously. There were 2 noteworthy customers who came. One of them is a Kiwi boy who bougth a kuih melaka, only to come back later to say "give me all of the balls". Yup, the kid single-handedly bought all of them. The second was a Malaysian Chinese lady who bought a seri muka and came back for 8 more. Whats more, she even promoted other people to buy them. Business was really good. By 3p.m, we were all out of goods to sell, a testament of how good our food is, or at least it looks good, although some also speculated that it had something to do with the cashier/promoter at the time...

...specifically referring to the one in the middle. Mass : "yes sir, can I help you?"

The stall was definitely a huge success and as Zaini would say it in his McBeth scene, "great happiness!". Kudos also goes to those whom I didnt specifically mention but had spent the time and effort into making those yummy food the night before, those who helped at stall and even to those who only contributed to our monetory needs to make this event a success. Everybody did a job well done

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soyasofya said...

kuih goyang?? awk sure ke ni?? wakakakkaka... ape2 pon, good job! sekian, ucapan terakhir sye; majulah kuih buah melaka!

najibu said...

mane sy tau, derang ni sumer kata kuih goyang!

ah^kam koko' said...


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