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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the social side of gaming.

being the pseudo-anti-social person that I am, I usually spend my time as a hermit in my messy little room. Of course, 70% of the time, I'll be playing video games all by myself. That, however, has changed of late. After playing games with a bunch of friends - dead or alive 4 with Daichi kun, fusion frenzy with Zul, Manan, Fifi & Das (whom I had just known his name despite being here for close to 2 years) and the latest get together game, perfect dark zero with quatro split screen feature - playing alone just feels plain wrong right now. Yes, I can play with other people online but it just doesn't feel the same like playing with people whom you know and can see in the flesh. I want to play games with people, so I would need games that even people who dont game can play with realtive ease. Maybe its a sign that I should seriously get a Wii

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ah^kam koko' said...

I know what you mean...
Ultimate Alliance was the ultimate gaming experience!

najibu said...

yea man. tht game was the ultimate 4 player experience!

star said...

haha..ultimate alliance mmg best!!! nasib baik gears of war ley main 2 org je..kalo x gempak gile!!!! x sabar nk join ko main game skali lg hahaha!!

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