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Monday, September 3, 2007

month in review - august

So far, the month of august had been the most enjoyable month I ever had in Wellington. Its also the month that I spent most. There was the M-fest, that I had written a blog about before but the real fun part of the month kicks off when our 2 week holiday started. What made the holiday so much fun was because it was waaay more eventful than any other holidays I spent here (admitably, not that many). Here's a quick recap of some of the events throughout the holiday :

-a (sort of) social gathering at te kotahinga. Sayda's parents came from M'sia so they made nasi dagang for everybody. Great food, great company.

-found out a new halal kebab shop had just opened near to where I live.

-hang out with Leny & Aishah at the wharf while enjoying milk tea. Later went to the museum where we met Zul and a bunch of other girls who unfortunately I never knew who their names were.

-Daichi kun and Tak kun came over. We played dead or alive 4 and tekken 5. I'm really glad to know that I've really improved in tekken since the last time we played. 7 consecutive wins! Asuka power!!

-Ate at a M'sian/Singaporean restaurant at the Wellington market with a group of Malaysians after Friday prayer. I never knew such a shop existed!

-Traded in 3 old games and bought the darkness and bioshock. Darkness was a good game. Great story to boot to. Bioshock, I could write about this game for 2 days long and still not write everything I have to say about the game. Definitely one of the best single-player game I ever played. Several bugs and design flaws (in my opinion) however, cuts the game back from achieving total greatness. Oh, the limited edition comes with a metal figurine of one of the game character 'big daddy'. Way cool.

-Some friends came over and we played fusion frenzy for hours. The game is so much fun to play with people. I also played poker for the first time and won! Talk about beginners luck. Oh, I also made a new friend. Actually, I knew him a long time ago. Just never knew what his name was.

-Went to simply paris with Leny Suefin and Aishah to use our $20 voucher that we got from our sensei. First time being there. The croissant (ony $1.80) was simply delicious.

-Bought a pre-owned perfect dark zero at cash converter for $29. A good bargain as the game is a good game and especially fun as a 4 player game.

-Got another game, blue dragon because I had so many store credits I didn't know what to do with it :p It's an OK game but I'm keeping it because I need a long game to last me all the way to October.

Finally, September had begun and I still have about $300 to spend. Maybe I'll save some money to bring home at the end of the year. At least if there arent any good games around.

I think that sums up pretty much everything. Its probably not as lively as other peoples holiday but for me, thats plenty lively enough.

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soyasofya said...

see.. u r doing just great without me.. am glad!

star said...

btul kate soya tuh..hahaha..lg eventful from d holidays spent in oz!!! hahaha

najibu said...

haha, tp kos cuti kat oz lg tinggi wo

お母さん ^-^ said...


najibu said...


ah^kam koko' said...

Dark Zero?
When do we start playing?
Shall I call Nesa along?

najibu said...

come anytime la. more ppl more fun!

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