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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why buy original

I've spent enough time in Malaysia to know that self-proclaimed gamers in Malaysia just don't buy original games save for a handful of them. Heck, even I spent years being a consumer of pirated stuff ever since the breakthrough that is the PlayStation. Back then, I never understood why people would want to buy original stuff. At one time when I went to Tower Records with Soya, she was thinking about buying a cd by Delta Goodrem while I was thinking : "you can easily find the thing online so why bother paying a hefty sum for the same thing" and it is the exact same case with video games. Fortunately for me, the Bed TESL course had me being sent to NZ and that was what really opened my eyes on the whole issue. It's a little something called, appreciation.
When people games, sometimes it never occured to us that someone somewhere was responsible for the creation of the game. They've spent months, some even year to get a single game done and for all their efforts, we paid to some other people who took the game for their own profit. Its like going to Pizza Hut for dinner but paying at Domino's. I'm no saint but I have to say that this definitely feels morally wrong. So now, I don't mind paying more than I usually have to to buy games because its a show of appreciation on my part as well as giving the developers what they deserved for giving me a great time playing the game they made.

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soyasofya said...

yeah bebeh! way to go!!

star said...

long live originality!!!!! haha..die pirates die!!! hahahaha..balik msia nanti cane najib??? beli online eh??

soyasofya said...

bebeh, delta kuar album baru! sokong la sye utk beli album br pas dpt elaun nnt ye!!! mekaseyyy~

najibu said...

cari online la kot. tp aku tau kat damansara ada satu kedai jual game2 ori dgn harga yg agak berpatutan. nanti bleh gak cek kat situ

ah^kam koko' said...

Who bribed you to do this??!!!
You're my most respected gamer!!

Tapi saya masih akan beli priated sebab duit tak banyak. Tapi kalau game itu memang bagus, saya akan beli ori...
Tapi belum ada game macam itu lagi...

najibu said...

heh, i think this it what a respectable gamer shud do. showing support to the 'real' gaming industry. not to just some people looking to make profit out of other people's sweat

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