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Friday, November 14, 2008


Within a matter of weeks, my 5 over years of tertiary education will be coming to a close. I'll be a free bird (at least before getting posted). Way back when, the very thought of this would've made me happy. Now, however, there's that part of me that wishes for it to not end now. Honestly, I haven't had a lot friends up till I came to IPBA. Well, I probably still don't have as much friends as however-you-are do, but the ones I have now is plenty by my standards.

I understand that once this is all over, everybody, me included, will have our own lives to attend to. Everything that I am in IPBA, all the friends I've gained, the things I've done during the 5 and a half year course will be nothing but distant memories within a couple of years. I had similar feelings when leaving Wellington last year, but knowing that I will be seeing my old friends again in IPBA made it not quite as painful.

The situation is a bit different now. The thought of not being able to see most of the people I care about again, scares me. I've made some good friends here, and I don't want to lose them. Fortunately, there is a little something called the internet and hopefully that could at least keep us from being totally cut apart. We humans always take things for granted - it isn't until we nearly lose the things we have that we realize how much we should cherish them while we still can.

To all my friends I've met these past 5 years - thank you

Freebird, performed by Lynird Skynird

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