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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Red-coloured Promise - part II

Guess what, its finally official. I'm going to get engaged to my special lady some time next month. Bet nobody expected that. Hah. Anyways, its just an engagement so if you're expecting to get and invitation for a kenduri or something, I'm sorry because THERE WILL BE NO SUCH THING. Also, I don't think an engagement is much of a big deal (though I realize that many people think so. Dude.....whatever). The real deal - the wedding, won't be taking place anytime soon. Most probably late next year. If you're reading this now, then you may consider yourself invited. Cheerio

The Red-coloured Promise (茜色の約束, performed by IKIMONOGAKARI

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Congratulations, bro!
I think you two make a cute couple!

najibu said...

thanks man. and you're officially invited!

Alin Yussuff said...

Encik, congrats. Im happy for both of you. I wish u all the love in the world and an easy path towards your big day. Amin.

Hik hik.

Take good care of her. You know that I'm bigger than you are. Haha.

soyasofya said...



najibu said...

ey. my blog. biar sy kata mekasih. huhu

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