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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm so sick

What is the proof of one's manliness. Is it by having manly, hulking musk? or is it having killer good looks? From what I can tell, you don't need either. Here's a guide on some of the things you can do to make your manliness really shine! Go ahead, read up. Its perfectly FREE*

The Manly Thing To Do #1

As every good man knows, there's nothing that can make you any more manlier than smoking. But wait, there really is! Simply smoking is for the losers. Real manly men smoke and throw the buds and ashes on the carpet, on the road, anywhere really, except for the ashtray. Of course, what better way to flaunt your manliness than to throw them in the kitchen sink and clog the thing up. Ah, the mark of a TRUE man! Remember this well, if you dispose cigarette buds properly, then you're a sissy.

The Manly Thing To Do #2
Real man knows how to turn even the most seemingly useless items into profit. Take a look at this useless looking rubbish bin. By keeping unwanted items inside without throwing them away for some time, a man can start his own maggot farm. Congratulations sir! You now have a property of your own. Before you know it, you'll be able to export those maggots to all corners of the world and fill your pockets with lotsa cash. And I bet the ladies would be all over you then. Genius! So you see, it isn't always about the brauns. A real man need to have the brains, as well as the ability to have the cash rolling in with minimal effort.

The Manly Thing To Do #3

Lets face it, a real manly man should never do the dishes. They leave that to their ladies. But what if you are still single you ask? Why, of course the reasonable thing to do would be to leave the dishes in the kitchen until you get married - at which point you can tell your wife to clean that thing you've left in the kitchen 3 years ago. That, or you could also donate those fungus you've grown for medicinal purposes. Now that's how a REAL man should be!

The Manly Thing To D0 #4

Unfortunately, the free trial ends here. Did you find the guide to be useful? Interested in knowing more? For additional methods on how to further strut your manliness, please consult the author. Your own suggestions would also be highly valued for the upcoming release of the book 'How To Be a Real Man'

*For promotional purposes only. You may not make illegal copies of this guide

ps: starting from now I'll link the song title which I base my titles on.

I'm so sick, performed by flyleaf

6 free comments:

soyasofya said...


but am still believing real men don't smoke. at all. no way.

soyasofya said...

..and maggots for money making? ewww!

guna said...

that was one a great reminder to the "real men" i know..
btw hope i didnt mess anything up there k..

najibu said...

oh, not. not at all. i'm not pointing anybody specifically. this is, afterall, a guide =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

Manly Thing To Do #4
Avoid vegetables.
Pick out all the vegetables from every dish you have.

Yes, even when you have to pick out all the stalks of Tau Ge from a dish of Char Kuey Tiaw...
Real men only eat MEAT!!!!

Bookworm said...

wow!!!i'm so gonna look for sissy man!hahahaha

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