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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Before I Forget

I am really bad at remembering stuff, particularly those which involve numbers. Heck, I don't remember my own phone number. This also extends to dates. Honestly speaking, the only person's birthday I could remember at the top of my head would be my special lady's birthday - and even that is probably because its very easy to remember (April 23rd, ie. 23/4... 2 3 4, see).

Today, 26/10 is actually my father's birthday. As usual, I forgot about it. If it wasn't for my mom's cynical text message, I probably still wouldn't know about it well till now. I feel really bad about this so before I forget, I'm going to make this note here:

Dad's birthday is on October the 26th. I'll try to remember this next year.

So I'll tell you now, if I don't remember your birthday (whoever you may be), its not because I don't care about you enough, its just that my brain can't process numbers well. My apologies.

Before I Forget, performed by Stricken

2 free comments:

Yuen said...

hah! i remember topping up my own number wrong. but since then, i remember my own hp no. crap.

but hey! at least remember all the BD dates k. luck tat u remember soya's. lolx

najibu said...

ya, thats wat im trying to do. I usually remember peoples birthday for a couple of weeks n then they sort of just *poof* away

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