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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The time has come

Its that time of year again. What am I talking about? video game season of course. The release calendar is just crazy between this time and December. Last year, I bought 6 or 7 games around this time. While I don't expect that I'll be toppling that record this year, the sheer amount of quality games going to be released this year (and also the ones already released) for this year's gaming season is astounding. I look forward to playing all those games that I've long awaited for so expect some reviews coming up soon. Oh, I should also rewrite that review of tales of vesperia. That one was a lil too crappy innit?

Anyways, here's how my future reviews are going to work. I will review the game strictly for what it is. Which really boils down to whether I had a good, quality time with the game. Don't expect to see me critically dissecting the game. I'll leave that to the pros at IGN or GameSpot.

The time has come, performed by Shoot HG feat. Shyboy

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