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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pulau Tioman : The Official Game of the Experience

5/25 achievements unlocked

1. Through the looking glass – 20g

Took a trip on the Mermaid and viewed the underwater world.

2. The Journey Begins – 10g

Left the hub town

3. N00b Traveler – 20g

Reached either Panuba or Paya Village (on foot).

4. The Road Less Taken – 30g

Make your way (on foot) to Monkey Bay .

5. You’re Winner! – 30g

Make your way (on foot) to the East-most village, Juara.

6. Through the Fire and Flames – 50g

Make your way (on foot) to the South-most village, Mukut.

7. Island Hopper – 30g

Crossed the ocean to another island during low tide.

8. Float ‘n’ Flow – 10g

Master the basic art of swimming; staying afloat, without the aid of a life jacket.

9. The Schwimmer – 20g


10. Phelps In Training – 100g

A master of the art of swimming; Swim your way to Rengis Island.

11. Swimming With The Fishes – 50g

Buy your first snorkeling gears and successfully complete your first snorkeling mission.

12. iFish – 10g

Fish your first fish.

13. Fishing with Feeling – 20g

Fish at least 5 different types of fishes.

14. John the Fisherman – 30g

Catch a total of 100 fish

15. Legendary Fisherman – 50g

Catch a legendary class fish.

16. Return to Dragon Castle – 50g

Catch a turtle and put it where it belongs.

17. The Boyscout – 20g

Helped tourists find their way around the hub town.

18. Beach Runner – 30g

Make your way to the end of Tg. Said beach and back in under 10 minutes.

19. Xtreme Beach Volleyballer – 30g

Play and win a beach volleyball match

20. Lungs of Steel – 30g

Play and win the breath holding minigame.

21. Picture Perfect – 50g

Visit all the main villages on the island, and take at least 1 photo in each village.

22. Brochure Boy – 30g

Convince a friend to visit Tioman

23. Calling All Pals – 50g

Convince a group of at least 10 people to visit Tioman.

24. Master of Ceremonies – --g

This is a hidden achievement. You need to unlock it to view it.

25. GAME OVER – --g

This is a hidden achievement. You need to unlock it to view it.

10 free comments:

kimimaro said...

yang GAME OVER tu mesti bile ko dah dpt transfer ke sekolah lain kan...hahaha...

suefin said...

wah.... i want to play this game too! haha...

bem69 said...

hahaha rajin nye buat 360 achievements. you teaching ka

najibu said...

yup. teaching n not really liking it. ni sume sbb lama sgt x dpt main game la ni. haha

bem69 said...

its time for you to get back and enjoy street fighter 4 oit

najibu said...

arghh... i really wanna play some sf4 very badly tp kena tunggu at least 3 minggu lagi. n by then lg byk game yg nk kena beli, main dan review. haha

ahseng said...

i will help u with brochure boy and calling all pals

najibu said...

yeah ahseng! i just realized that there's co-op for this game. hahah

ah^kam_koko' said...

Secret achievements:

You Are Confirmed -- 100g
Pass your SPP interview & medical.

Show Me The Money -- RM8000
Get first salary.

najibu said...

hahah, good ones jarod. though i feel that shud be for the sims: teachers edition

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