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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Alive

Despite my apparent inactivity on the cyberspace for some time, I am in fact, still alive! A lot has happened during that time, like a half day walk to other parts of the island, learning to swim, befriended a gentleman from Germany, chat with a couple of Japanese in Japanese, and even walked across the ocean to another island! Yeah, I've probably scored more achievements in those 2 weeks than I did in 2 months of 2008. Okay, now lets talk about work!

Work sucks.

The long short of it, Tioman is a really good place and I'm liking it so far, save for the part where I don't have any video game consoles with me and no personal internet connection to browse gaming stuff. Oh, and work. Come to think of it, those should be enough reasons for me not to not like my stay here, but no. Truly a miracle that is.

If you're interested in visiting the place, just let me know and I'll try to to arrange something. And to all you Cohort 2 dudes and dudettes (especially those around Johore area), I implore you to come!

p/s: written from a PC in the staff room - where lots of stuff are blocked.

6 free comments:

kimimaro said...

kalau nak kira sume achievements tu boleh jadi sampai 1000G...heh...

ah^kam_koko' said...

I might go over during a holiday sometime next year...
Will let you know what happens by then.

Trishomachine. said...

To be walking on an island!
How I'd give anything up to live such a life =)

Of course, it will be great to have Internet and phone and preferable The Man coming along! hehe.

All the best Najib!

coffeecart said...

oh oh disebabkan dah ade invite,
nantikan kedatanganku najibbbb!!!

najibu said...

apeace: achievement ed. coming next!

jarod: we should call the gang n have a get together here. it'd be pretty awesome

trish: well, borneo is an island too...

nisa: datang, jgn x datang.

NFA said...

nisa, kalo dtg kite dok kat umah najib ke? pastu leh psg aircond tak? haha.
t.cre najib!

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