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Sunday, September 13, 2009


I was on my way back from buying food for berbuka when I came across a most amusing scenario. Allow me to paint you a mental picture:

A boy, who from his size, I gather is around 7 to 8 years old was running around while holding what seemed to be a toy in his hands. A younger boy who, I believe is his younger brother was chasing the boy with the toy. Not too far away from the two boys, a lone woman sits comfortably under the shades of a tree. From the way she looked at the children, as well as some facial likenesses between them, I have made the assumption that she is, in fact, the children's mother.

While the two brothers were running around in the manner of playing tag, the elder, seemingly out of the blue shouted, "Jangan la ikut aku gampang!".

I was shocked, but the mother didn't even bat an eye!

What kind of ill-civilized society do I live in? It is no surprise that my secondary school students constantly bad-mouth each other, even in class. Maybe I should accept that such behaviour is a norm for the people here, but to say such filth to your own kin, and in front of your mother too, without being reprimanded in any way is not something should be considered acceptable, norm or not.

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ahseng said...

7 to 8 years old u say? sigh

najibu said...

it must have been, if not even younger. a sad sight really

bem69 said...

The current generation of kids are scary man, even my nephews and niece shock me, they learn a lot of filthy and bad words from school. Being a parent is quite a feat now.

najibu said...

thats true. and from what i can tell those kids learn it from their elders. education should start at home

bem69 said...

Yep, definitely from the household. The bad thing about this is they bring it to school with them. And the kids STILL learn these bad words.

tasha said...

my students bad-mouth each other like it's their staple food. there is never a day that such filthy words aren't uttered. annoying yet very sad.

i guess our job has enabled us to really see what our younger generation is really made of. doesn't it foreshadow a really unspeakable future? huhu

Musica said...

tasha, my school when i was in form 1 to 3, its a norm to use curse words..
remember as long as message is being conveyed, its ok? despite the forms and functions of the words used?

to najib, smack ur kids!!

najibu said...

i guess it is pretty normal for kids to swear in the secondary level (though by no means i am saying that it's OK) but that coming from lower primary kids is really sad.

and its not just the boys either.

still, swearing is sort of like pop culture nowadays and there's just no way to make it go away

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