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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Q4 Shopping List

As the year comes close to a a close, the games are coming in droves! Even with me having much more buying power than I did the same time last year I couldn't possibly afford to buy everything I want within these few months. See, there's a set of games that I want to buy just so I could play with my posse at our year-end gathering (which is only for a few days) and then there's a whole different set that I personally, really, want to play. Here's what's in the list for now, but I might change it later according to my financial standings... (note: the list only consists of games releasing before 31/12/09)

  1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
  2. Borderlands (will buy regardless)
  3. Band Hero (maybe)
  4. Guitar Hero: Metallica (depends)
  5. A brand new screen!
Personal - these are games that I will definitely get
  1. Modern Warfare 2
  2. Forza Motorsports 3
  3. Dragonage: Origins
  4. Assassins's Creed 2
  5. Alpha Protocol
  6. Brutal Legends
Actually, doesn't seem like that many things now that I listed it that way...but I still haven't calculated how much I'd need to spend for all those.

Regardless, I expect it to be a somewhat hefty sum, but not a necessarily ludicrous one either. I was also planning to get my hands on another Playstation 3 soon but it looks like that plan will have to be put on hold till next year.

[Edit] Somewhow forgot about Brutal Legends. That game wasn't very strong in my list anyways, but I am really interested in the fiction. And then there's Tekken 6, which for me is a maybe

3 free comments:

ah^kam_koko' said...

Why do you need another PS3?

tasha said...

omg najib. i begin to wonder, what about ur raya list? haha is soya doing ok? :P

najibu said...

jarod: cos my old one was busted last year, remember?

tasha: wat raya list? haha. n soya's doing totally fine =) way into creative stuff now. should check out her blog!

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