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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Games to play with other people

I bought a slew of games on discount from Xbox Live during the year end sale. Some of them are games that I've always wanted to buy and some of them are practically on a whim because, hey, they were on discount!! Pretty valid excuse to me :p

Of those games, I was really taken by two of them. The first of which is ...

Risk: Factions!

Now, the sole reason I bought this game was because Risk (the board game) has a special place in my heart because of 'a certain unforgettable event' during my days in IPBA.

Risk: Factions, however, is more than just a board game made virtually. They actually added a new mode entirely with new rule sets and factions that adds personality to the otherwise stoic board game. The standard game of Risk is also available but the new mode is so much cooler.

Any game with a fat talking cat is automatically a good game

I had fun playing the game even against AI, but I figure it would be much more fun playing against other people. There's online multiplayer, but my crap island internet connection couldn't possibly meet the demands for live multiplayer. And besides, I always enjoy couch multiplayer (ie. local play) better. This is definitely the game I'll get my friends to play whenever we get together again.

I bought Risk: Factions for around RM18 and it's certainly a bargain for such a fun game. Heck, that's even cheaper than buying the actual board game!

The other game is...

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light!

This game stars the character Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series but plays nothing like it. The game is played from an isometric perspective (ala Diablo) and aiming is done by means of the right stick. The emphasis on this game is co-op and I can't stress enough how great this aspect of the game is.

Why did I gave such high praise to the co-op? Well, to put it simply, you and a friend will play one of two characters with different abilities and you will have to rely on each other to get around. I especially love how some of the puzzles really force players to work together.

Also of note, I can play this game with my wife and she's even enjoying it! If you're into co-op games, you should definitely play this game as this is easily the best co-op experience you're going to get right now, bar none.

Pure co-op fun

Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light was available for RM28, though I believe both games have since been bumped back to it's regular (double) price now that the sale's over.

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ahseng said...

damn it. i got it form RM 60 yesterday. saad

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