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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pre-marriage course nightmare

What is the best way to ruin the last 2 days of a great holiday? For me, it's attending a pre-marriage course. Today is the first of 2 days which I'm supposed to attend in order to get a cert which will allow me to LEGALLY get married and the experience thus far has been less tha favourable. Honestly, it's so terrible that it made KISSM felt awesome. Heck, I could spend a whole day playing video games and it would still be a more productive day than today.

There was only 1 out of a total of 5 sessions today that I find interesting which was about 'akidah' (deals with faith and religion) and that was probably only because I am deeply fascinated by religion. The other 4 were a total snore-fest where just trying to keep my eyelids open was an epic struggle.

It doesn't help much that I really detest most of the speakers for the day. From what I can tell, it was like the majority of them had only a couple of points to deliver and they expanded on ONLY that for a period of over and hour. Also, they others around me seemed to enjoy the fairly frequent pervy remarks thrown at us. Personally, I think that its just disgusting. Way to destroy your credibility old man!

All this made me question the necessity of the course. I paid RM80 for it and the thing that I took most of it was having a shut eye in the hall. Instead of this crap, they should just make a pre-marriage test, and only enlist those who fail the test in the pre-marriage course. That way, people like me won't have to waste 2 precious days of my terrific holiday for such a terrible , time-waster of a course.

*note : I'm speaking of my experience with the course handled in Kuantan, this does not necessarily represent the courses in other parts of the country.

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kimimaro said...

sib baik ko letak part note tu kat hujung...sbb aku amek kat kota kinabalu, speakers tu hampir semua leh tahan...tapi memang btul r point ko pasal kepentingan course ni...patutnye diorg wat test ke ape akhir course...baru la peserta btul2 dgr atau study leklok...bukan nye semua tu dh bersedia dgn ilmu before kawin...skadar nak sijil je...

coffeecart said...

aku setuju ngan hafiz weih.
patutnye ade test.


najibu said...

rupenye mmg ada test td... agaknya pahang je kot camni. objektif, 50 qs... tp somehow walopun aku asek tido je aku berjaya score 100%. sungguh lawak

soyasofya said...

agree! they shud have just select org yg failed pre-test ke.. xde la org lain jd mangsa. huhu..

- D. said...

Ok lovebirds, I would like to extend my (belated) congratulations! So cute! I'm very happy for you both!
Secondly, other than akidah, what are the other sessions about?
I'm kinda dreading the pre-marriage course too. So it's just two days? I was thinking whole week, so phew! Lega skit...

najibu said...

Thanks =)

if they havent changed the format than it should be just 2 days.
i think the other sessions are sth abt responsabilities, divorce and whatnots.. honestly, i cant seem to recall much now, thats how forgettable it was..

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