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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too much, too young, too fast

So much work, so little time.

Thanks to these administrative jobs I'm 'offered' 24 hours is no longer enough. On a normal day, I go to school around 10a.m and return home at 7, rest for a couple of hours and then back to school until 11p.m at the earliest. Overtime has simply become routine.

And the best part is that most of the so called 'work' I do doesn't even involve teaching. I barely have time to really sit and think how to teach in my next lessons. It really makes me rethink my line of profession. Am I a teacher, or am I a clerk? Maybe a teaching clerk??

Oh,I think the best answer is a zombie.

*Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast is a song that, if memory serves, performed by The Airborne. It's kind of messy but its alright. 3 stars

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suefin said...

welcome to the zombies club!!
my body is now an empty shell.
did i tell you that i'm now in-charge of choir?? and we have to perform this saturday! Help!!!!

anyway, i so agree with what you said on the long malay names... driving me nuts! it doesn't even fit the register!!!

soyasofya said...

ok, lets have abu, ali, and siti. ok eh?

miss u heaps. monday morning aritu, jatuh moto dan mmg calar balar badan. smpai aritni rase fobia dh nk naik moto.. huwaaaa... nk g tioman....

ahseng said...

what if it is more than 3? haha

btw, just burn the paperwork. muahahahahahahaha

najibu said...

suefin: my prob is i have to do a lot of stuff which requires me to type in their names and it is a royal pain to do it again and again. abt ur ss, teach them to sing like zombies!

soya: hrm...kat tioman pun xde la bes mana, tp at least mungkin xde la awk jatuh2 motor dah. kesian =( nama 3 huruf je! mmg lebih senang. pastu masa daftar jgn letak bin atau binti. yosh!

ahseng: than the 4th will be seng. thts 4 letters so a perfect fit. haha. i wish i could just burn all these paperworks, but i'd just get burned doing so, so id rather not. sigh...

The Laydee said...


i feel u najibu. I have the same problem too here.

sometimes, I just ignore the unnecessary things like "can't use liquid paper if you write the names wrongly in the register"... hell yeah, i just type it once in my laptop, print it out, paste it. now I'd never use liquid paper, would i? i know the GPK will surely roll his eyes if he ever check my register, but I just don'y give a damn anymore haha.

and oh, it solves the long malay names as well ( u know by changing the font to size 9) haha.

bem69 said...

Sounds like you're quite busy with teaching, and now I understand why you're in zombie mode. What subject do you teach by the way?

najibu said...

nozi: the prob isn't the about space, its the length of the names that is.

bem: i'm teaching English. 'quite busy' is putting it lightly.. and whoever says that teachers have it easy has no idea what they're talking about..

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