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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Time We Had

It feels like it was only a few days ago since the holiday started and it has already drawn to a close. It wasn't the longest holiday, but it sure was one of the best I've ever had, ever.

A good friend of mine got married, I got to meet many of my good buddies, and I even watched that stupid excuse of a movie Dragonball. How can it not be the holiday ever?!

And it definitely wouldn't have been half as wonderful had it not been for these very special people

In fact, I doubt it would even turn out this way if it was anyone other than them. I could never thank them enough for the fact that they were willing to go out of their way to pick me up all the way in Kuantan.

No one ever told me we had sightseeing as a secondary objective though. I totally thought we were going to the wedding and head straight home. But even the person who dislikes travelling I am thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that trip, even that night when we got lost, even that prolonged visit to Pasar Payang, even those weird banners and signboarfds we came across, and yes, even that moment Ali G got first ticket for passing at a no passing lane. Serves him right! ... uh, I was just kidding. Jangan marah ye Ali G =p.

Really, there was almost never a dull moment with you guys around. And for that short period of time, it almost seemed that all my work-related problems had just vanished into thin air.
This signboard is just out of this world

I only wished that it could have went on for a little longer (..and while I'm at it, I wish that the holiday won't end). Alas, like every other good things, it had to come to and end. Even so, this memory will be something that I will cherish forever. 本当に、ありがとうございます。

Time We Had, performed by The Mother Hips. Nice, relaxing song which always makes me feel nostalgic when listening to. Recommended listed. Give it a try.

4 free comments:

suefin said...

ah... it was good =)
i wish holidays would never end!
then we can go on different road trips visiting friends all year round! haha

najibu said...

yup. can't agree more. too bad it was too short =( i wish everyday was a holiday

mimisyamimi said...

hurm...cam penah nmpak je signboard tuh..

najibu said...

adekah ia ppopular di kb?

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