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Friday, December 26, 2008

Best I ever had

Ever had a murtabak? If your answer is anything, anything at all but 'I've had the murtabak they sell in Pekan', then I would have to take your answer as a 'no' because nothing - absopositively nothing - says murtabak quite like the murtabak they have in Pekan. It is the epitome of what can be considered as a murtabak.

There are 2 restaurants which sells these murtabak but one of them only operates during Ramadan. The one that's open all-year round is called Murtabak Mengkasar. The restaurant thrives selling ONLY murtabak and still people go there everyday.

The murtabak we have here in Pekan, looks just a bit different than what the other parts of Malaysia consider a murtabak

Behold! This is a murtabak! Whatever you might have eaten, isn't .

but in terms of its texture and taste, hoo boy, it's like heaven and earth. Also similar to most other self-proclaimed murtabak is that it is served, and should be eaten with pickled onion. I hate onions and I sure am no big fan of the colour pink, but somehow this is the one type of onion I am to tolerate and like.

Most people I know.... actually, everybody I know eats the murtabak with chilli sauce. I'd say that the thing isn't complete without chilli sauce.

If there was one thing that would make me happily say I'm proud to have been born in Pekan, is that the murtabak here is the best in the country. I'd give it a 5/5, and for a mere RM5, it's a steal. If you ever come around these parts, stop by and give it a try. Caution : once you do, you won't ever consider anything but this as a murtabak

*Best I ever had is a song performed by Vertical Horizon.

2 free comments:

soyasofya said...

i want one when im in pekan soon. i mean real soon. ok!

najibu said...

no prob sayang ku! =D

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