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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I think I can

What with all the postings supposed to be coming soon, I've had many people, close families and former teachers alike, telling me how I have it easy. Everyone goes around saying : "Oh, you can ask your parents to get you posted anywhere you want." True enough, my parents do have some ties to the mob higher ups around here. In fact, they once told me they'd do something about my posting so that I'll get somewhere nearer to home (and far from Borneo).

I spent some time thinking about it.

Yes, I can..but then, should I? I understand that this is something that many people do these days be it for getting their postings, or even to win a tender for a certain project. The scale might be different, but the two of them are actually the same thing. And it occurred to me, if I were to say 'yes', I would be unjust to every other people out there who don't have that certain link people refer to as 'cable'. Especially so to my friends from my institution.

Whether big or small, stuff like this is a form of corruption, i.e. using the advantages you have or your own selfish gains. Many people do this, and I can't really blame them either. It's basic human nature to want to save your own skin. And it made me realize the purpose of all the do's and don'ts we have in religion :

to suppress those negative human nature so we can be better individuals.

And my religion (and probably every other) forbids corruption be it in any shape or form, for obvious reasons, I might add. The lesson; stay true to the teachings of our religion. If everyone does, I'm sure the world will be a much better place for everyone.

The following day, I politely declined their offer. Just because people do it, it doesn't mean its' right. Just because I can, it doesn't mean I should.

I think I can, performed by the legendary Japanese rock band, The Pillows

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Norzie Khamis said...

I think you did the right thing. Wherever you will be posted, I believe that one day you can proudly look back and say "Hey, I've survived this - all by myself!"


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