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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here In My Home

I came across this piece of art done by fellow Malaysian whom at the time, I knew only as bem69 at his DevianART page and it instantly clicked with me. It is a perfect summation of what being a Malaysian is (whether you think is good or bad, is totally up to you). We are a community of different colours, culture, beliefs, practices, (I could go on and on and on again about this so I think I'll just stop there) yet all of us stand under this one flag.

Oh.. one more thing. It turned out that dude bem69's real name is the same as mine. Talk about coincidence.

Here In My Home - Various artists. If you're a Malaysian and have yet to hear this song, I'd really suggest you do. Its free for download here

6 free comments:

Musica said...

Yeah go malaysian!

bem69 said...

ola najibu. Thanks for the post and link up. Glad you like it.

najibu said...

ie ie.. actually, its me who should thank you for allowing me to post it here =)

ah^kam_koko' said...


soyasofya said...

'membina negara bangsa' anyone?

glo said...

that is an AWESOME song that moved me to bits!!!!!

i love tis one and i love that we are MALAYSIANS :)

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