we declare Your Perfection above and beyond all: we have no knowledge whatsoever except what You have taught us. No doubt it is You, and You alone that is all Knowledgeable and all Wise. (al-Baqarah, 32)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is my 2nd post today.. or is it?

Here's something that some people might not know. In the Islamic calendar, a new day is NOT when the sun rises, but when the sun sets and today, is the first day in the Hijriyyah calendar. i.e. its new year's day! Muslims worldwide refer this day as Awal Muharram, the first day of the month Muharram (kinda like January)

The Hijriyyah calendar is lunar-based, and began when the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions moved (Hijrah - thus the term Hijriyyah) from Mecca to Medina, approximately 1430 years ago.

Of course, people don't celebrate Awal Muharram like people celebrate New Year's Day. It is much more significant than a celebration. It is a sign of moving (hijrah) from bad to good, and from good to better. I've been reading a lot of the al-Quran recently and I realized that one of the recurring verse means something like : "God will be with those who seek to improve in their deeds". So in spirit of Awal Muharram, lets keep improving until we reach 'the best'. God will be with us, and He is the best guide that man can ever depend on.

OK, lesson's over.

Now on to the second part : reflections...

Have I moved to become a better person over the last 1 year?

In many ways, yes. I've learnt a lot more about religions, my religion in particular, and about life in general. I believe I have the most faith in my religion this year as compared to the last 22 years (minus the childhood years) and I would largely credit that to me getting into reading the al-Quran, something that I am ashamed to say I had neglected for quite a while. And this time, I tried to understand it more as I read and had learnt a lot as a result. Alhamdulillah, God had shown me the light and given me the chance to redeem myself.

And then there is also that part of me that which I tried to change but, well...did't manage to. I need to try (and pray!) harder

Also, I'm engaged =) So that's definitely a move for the better. I thank God for allowing the process to be carried out as smoothly as it did for I truly understand now, everything is rightfully and truly His.

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soyasofya said...

hurm.. tahniah2! bole juge post a comment.. tp dah lupa nk ckp apa.. humpf.. nvm then.

p/s: selamat tahun baru =)

najibu said...

hahah...kemudian kali pun xpe

ah^kam_koko' said...

Thanks for the sharing!
I learnt something new about Awal Muharram today!

najibu said...

ur welcome. that's the best thing i find about reading people's blog. it's a collection of info from many different people =)

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