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Friday, January 2, 2009

This is me

It hasn't even been 1 week into the new year and good things are happening!

We had evening tea and dinner here.

Sat together and looked at old photos of mine.

And I think we've decided on a tentative date for our wedding!

Wait...I'm probably going ahead of myself now, so let's start all over again.

Today, my fiancee made her debut here in my home... with here family of course. Not intentionally, I would say, her posting briefing is tomorrow morning she while she (and her family) is around the vicinity, Mom decided to invite them over.

And that's when stuff started to happen.

When something is happening, my parents always go all out. No, that's probably an understatement; they'd go for 120%. So began the intensive cleaning of the house since they day before. I, of course got my work all lined up. Cleaning the walls, the toilets, vacuuming, throwing away unnecessary stuff, grocery shopping are all part of the list. I can't really complain about anything, but it were me, I'd just leave things the way they were but I'm not really in the position to complain, so I gave the usual 'OK'.

So I did all the job I was assigned to the way I do a job. Being a person who believes in absolute moderation, my parents were...how shall I say... less than pleased by my standards. I am a 75% man (though sometimes by a streak of luck it may raise by 5-10%). I aim for my best, yet I don't strive for perfection, something that my parents always try to talk me out of. But at least I only got a little lecture, which although still kinda hurts, is something I can still bear. Oh well.. the only thing I can do, is say "oh well".

The point being - I hate the whole idea of pretending to be something that you're not to please someone. I'd rather have someone not like me for who I am, than to have them like me for someone I just pretend to be. A lot of people told me what a stupid belief this is, but I don't care. Its my own belief, and nothing you say can make me believe otherwise. It's my life to live, nobody can tell me what to do. This is me...

..but, on second thoughts, maybe I could make exceptions for a few people =)

and you know... I just realized that this post is totally way off from what I'd originally planned to write...oh well

*This is me - Demi Lovato

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Norzie Khamis said...

That is a good personal perception. I once strongly believe in that too.

But sometimes (read: sometimes), we may need to change our perception and way of life slightly to satisfy both ourselves and people around us. If it really suits you, it may become a new habit. This is exceptionally true when we are getting more mature. Due to more responsibilities I guess :)

Like you said, exception for a few people... to show that one day they can trust their valuable one to you :)

ah^kam_koko' said...

So when is the wedding?!
I'll try to attend it...
I'm posted in Sarawak so it may be a little difficult.

najibu said...

currently its planned to be sometime during the holidays. no date yet, still :p but hope you can attend it!

soyasofya said...

i love everything about the family! haha. i know u worked hard and i like it very much. thanks for everything. hope to see you soon. will u come to my grad ceremony in nikko? 19 april. time off from tioman perhaps. lemme know next week on sat. thats when i kluar dr kg. haha.

najibu said...

ok, i try

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