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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go

...is actually a rather pointless question now. In a matter of hours, I'll be leaving home to Rompin, where I will meet up a man who I must now call Mr. Principal, and follow him to Mersing, where we will catch a ride on a boat, and hopefully get to Tioman without any trouble.

That's right. I will be officially cast away to an island.

Details are still quite sketchy on the area, but I do know that the school I'll be serving in is, fortunately, situated in the central hub of the island - a town called Tekek. The school is called...SMK Tekek. Genius!

Now, I can't really be sure whether I'll have internet access there. I'll definitely update the blog as per usual if that were the case. But just in case I don't, this will probably the last entry that I will post for a pretty long while....

Actually, maybe until Chinese New Year, now that I think of it... ahaha

Well, I'll just make a point to write all about the place the second I have the chance to. So there. Done.

*Should I Stay or Should I Go, performed by The Clash. A light and entertaining rock song that I knew thanks to Rock Band. Very easy on the ears. I give it a 4 stars worth of love

2 free comments:

mardotti zaaba said...

selamat naik boat abg najib.
jgn nangis2 rindu kak soya nnti, ble dh pakar naik boat, bley dating ats boat plak

-kwn nadia basri, from ipba gak,dlu sekolah kat pekan, ada cikgu yg skrg mengajar kat tekek 2-

najibu said...


tp sapekah anda sebenarnye? skolah manekah di pekan dulu? dan sapekah cikgu kat tekek tu? adakah sy tanya terlalu byk soklan??

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