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Friday, January 2, 2009

Green Grass and High Tides

We were in Kuantan to send my fiancee to her posting briefing earlier today. I was kinda happy that she got Pahang, even though I really don't know which part of Pahang it may be. And then there's another thing; I don't know where I might be sent to, and I really hoped it won't be anywhere far from here. [please let it be Pahang...please let it be Pahang...]

There certainly were a lot of them JPNP (Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pahang) dudes around there, and my dad knew most of them. One of those dudes happened to be the state's Deputy Director of Education.

*A rather long conversation between him and my dad ensues*

Dude took out his cellphone, talked some.

*More conversation follow*

After a while dad came to me, telling that Mr Deputy Director had inquired JPN directly and that my name is listed in Pahang. Hey, great! Afterall, Soya's gonna be posted somewhere in Pahang too!

"...in Tioman", he added. Owh-kaaay... well, it could've been worse, really, so I'm grateful the way it is.

Right then I was thinking : If Soya were to be posted to Tioman as well I'd bet they'd just let us marry~ ha ha

Dad also said that Mr Deputy Director said the guy at the office said that only 3 people from IPBA applied for Pahang, 2 girls and 1 me. So, they decided the best person to be cast away to an island would better off be a guy. Where's gender equality when you need 'em? As a side news, one of the girls (one being Mass, I think) will be posted to Chini (of Tasik Chini's fame), about an hour from my home town =)

And not too long later, I found out that Soya will be posted in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.I think I heard glasses shattered somewhere....

So she'll be at the green grass of the highlands, while I'll be living with the high tides of the island. Not to point the obvious, but situation will be like this -

That's from one end of Pahang to the other! And separated by the sea, no less! Sigh...

Oh well, in situations such as this, I guess it's best to just play the card in hand. Make the most of what we got. To quote from someone, "situation and place dun change but our attitude can".Align Center

*Green Grass and High Tides, performed by The Outlaws, arguably one of the best southern rock band in rock history. And this song has some of the most awesome guitar solos ever. Give it a shot. A highly recommended listen!

14 free comments:

soyasofya said...

honey, we can do this! take care ok =)

najibu said...

er....ah...um... rse sungguh awkward dgn ber'honey'2 ni ;p. Ok honey~ ahaha

Trishomachine. said...

LOL. heyyyyy at least you folks are still in the same state

*sawi goes off cursing circumstances again*

suefin said...

opposite ends!! well... at least both of you will have great holiday destinations when you visit one another =)


sd. said...

still can steal some time to visit each other.

lgpun xperlu naik aeroplane kan?

ok la tu.


najibu said...

yeah sawi, as you said,we're lucky enough as it is =)

suefin kun, ありがとうございました。私もそうおもいます. せったいへいきです! v(^_^)v

huhu sayda, lgpun dua2 tempat peranginan. cuti2 malaysia sepanjang tahun la kami ;p

ah^kam_koko' said...

It may be perhaps too easy for her to be transfered to where you are after the both of you are married...

Then it wud be a honeymoon every day on Tioman Island.


Trishomachine. said...

Jarod, jom kita pun boleh honeymoon naik sampan redah hutan in Sarawak later. It might even turn out to be a fabulous Survivor episode.

Norzie Khamis said...

haha. wah. senangla korang release tension mase cuti sekolah nanti. boleh pilih cameron ke tioman :D

Alin Yussuff said...

aih. selang seli lah. sekejap ke pulau sekejap ke tanah tinggi. hahaha. nak jugak terpisah dgn lautan tu. tp bukan laut china selatan~~~~unlike some. hiks.

NFA said...

sgt boleh bayang najib ckp keawkwardan die berhoney honey tu. ahaha. takleh stop gelak nih. btw, soya, fa ingt soya main2 je yg najib dpt tioman. ni mesti sbb abg awie dh balik ganu. najib isi tempat kosong. huu~ all the best korang, but just nk wat open invitation, marila berhanimun kat Sabah jua~~


Alin Yussuff said...


najib tak isi tmpt abang awie kot. sbbnye abang awie tu ngajo sekolah rendah. najib tu ngajo sekolah menengah. haha.

najibu said...

namun begitu, skolah rendah dan menengah kat tioman tu share bangunan rupanya alin

hehe..nampaknya sumer org bleh boneymoon kat tempat masing2, tioman, sarawak, mahupun sabah ;p

johor bleh jugak ke? x tahu juge...

soyasofya said...

yeah, situation doesn't change, but our attitude definitely can change everything! im lost.

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