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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Happy Ending

A little note, if you haven't already read Nas' post, then I suggest you give it a quick read to make sense of what I'm going to write here...

Done? Good!

His writing got me thinking quite a bit, because what he wrote is kind of true; in real life, there's no such thing as a truly happy ending, is there?

This reminded me of Enchanted (which I just watched recently) and how I so totally despised it. Why? Because in the end, the girl fell in love with another guy and left the man she was supposed to marry. "That isn't supposed to happen",I thought. It's against my ethos, thus the reason why I find it unacceptable. (forgive my simple-mindedness, thats just the way I am)

So on the basis of that, I figure that my thinking is somewhat poisoned by the 'happy ending' concept I've watched in so many Disney cartoons as a child. Am I wrong to think that way? Probably. But I don't see it that way nor do I care if people say it is, because I do believe that happy endings can happen.

Notice I used the word can and not will. (the linguist in me is kicking in..ahah)

For me, happy endings are't something that's laid out nicely in front of you with red carpets along the way and you can just walk over to it. It's something that you have to work for to achieve. And even if things were to turn sour at some point, your attitude can make a differance. It ultimately falls down to YOU to turn things right.

For what it's worth, this seemingly child-like thinking of mine is one of the things that had kept my relationship with my one and only girlfriend ever/now-fiance/soon-to-be-wife going for as long as it has. Its not like we never get into arguments; we do. But we managed to make it through all of those because we tried to, instead of running away from the problem (and eventually break up).

I intend to keep our relationship going strong till the very end and I'm going to make sure it does.

P/S : It sure won't hurt to have great partner too =) Thanks for being with me for all this time Soya. You're the best! Love you~

On second thoughts, I don't actually need to write all this... but since it's already written, probably I should just hit the publish button. Oh well...here goes...

[Edit: I was reading and found a verse in the Quran about happy ending. What great timing! It goes...]

Dan perintahkanlah keluargamu serta umatmu mengerjakan sembahyang dan hendaklah engkau tekun bersabar menunaikannya. Kami tidak meminta rezeki kepadamu, (bahkan) Kamilah yang memberi rezeki kepadamu dan (ingatlah) kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa.

or in English..

And enjoin upon thy people worship, and be constant therein. We ask not of thee a provision: We provided for thee. And the sequel is for righteousness.

Surah Ta-Ha, ayat 132

So that there is the truest happy ending. Case closed!

*My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne. I guess everyone would've known this song by now. Don't actually like it, but not a bad song at all.

7 free comments:

a-as said...

Hello...i like d ending.
btw thanx for droppin' by my blog.
u r always welcome.

najibu said...


you really look a lot like my supervisor =)

(others, you should see it for yourself to believe it)

ah^kam_koko' said...

Different ppl hav experienced different circumstances in their lives & it leads them to build a schema of action & reaction that reflects it.

You will have a happy ending with Soya but some ppl have yet to find theirs or have tried many times but failed.

p/s: I hope I can play my xbox at the place that I'm going!!

najibu said...

yeah..n i'm a person whose schema is 'failure is not an option' type :p

i need money before i can play my xbox again.. cet

soyasofya said...

thanks dear. someone with complex-minded like me need u with simple-minded thinking to make us. thanks for standing by me all the years and i love you too!

maaf ye pembaca sekalian, pda kejap. haha

Trishomachine. said...

I share your views Najib.

Happy endings are built and worked upon. When you have given your heart to someone, have the courage (and dignity)to pursue it until the end. Even if things do not work out, at least try and try and try until there is absolutely no other means of saving the relationship.

All the best with your happy ending with Soya!

najibu said...

soya : simplicity is best, ingat tu. bak kata avril lavigne juga, "why do you always have to make things so complicated?" :p

yay, Sawi shares my view. Likewise, I can't agree more with what you said. Bagus! For me and soya, I think I prefer to call it a happy new beginning kot..hahah

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