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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Home

As I'd mentioned in the previous post, I managed to get myself a place to stay in Tioman. It isn't much of a house. Well, it isnt't even a house to begin with; getting a house in Tioman is borderline impossible. The place I'm renting in now is a small chalet. When I say small, I really mean small. I left the cables for my camera in the room (silly me) so I couldn't put the pictures here, but here's a schematic of the room.
It's about as big as 6-tatami room, probably even smaller. The small space beside the bed is just enough one person to perform the prayers. By the way, the bed takes up about 60% of the space. There's no kitchen so I have to eat out every day. Good thing there are restaurants nearby. Grocery stores, and most importantly, the school where I'm working at are also within walking distance.

The room is equipped with air-con and water heater, but I agreed not to use it, unless I want to be paying more than RM250/month. I'm not exactly thrilled with my new home, but I am thankful to have one. At least I won't be obliged to stay in the warden's room anymore, so at this point, I really can't afford to be picky.

Welcome Home, performed by Metallica. Also known as sanitarium. This is metallica in their prime.

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soyasofya said...

hurm. hurm. everything is within walking distance. hurm. hurm. jelessssssssss ;(

Norzie Khamis said...

i think this room is quite alright for a single person. rm250/month sounds affordable too.

we might visit you during school holidays, if you are still in Tioman =)

word verification: gossessi? what's that? obsession to gossips?

najibu said...

yea..its alright la. having a roof over my head is a luxury in itself so i'm not complaining. but if soya were to move here this chalet simply won't do..

gossessi mungkin juga gossip during recession. haha~

ah^kam_koko' said...

I think you'll be spending more time outside than indoors so the small chalet is only for sleeping.
No biggie.
You can do all your school work sitting in the sun at the beach.

guna said...

your place sounds so cool.
I am willing to be there in your place bro.
Pulau Tioman, the beach, the sun and more...waaaaah
imagine playing game under the circumstances...sigh..

najibu said...

yea. you would probably like it. come by some time. we can go fishing together! =D

herryansyahtawau said...

it sounds great..
only if u had the will to treasure what's hidden within the nature's beauty and the adventurous new lifestyle too..
(pe aku merepek ni??)

everyone has something unique to share about where they teach n live now...mine is so normal..nothing eccentric except that bloody posting information..
the rest is heaven...
i stay with another teacher...
double storey house (Rm400)...yes... i hv 2 rooms for myself..we hv kicthen and my housemate hs complete household items..so it's perfect..
i even cook!
life is easy so far..
wonder if the tough gets going in other forms..hm...

word verification: agous
Agus Kedai Fotostat kat Ipba ker??

tuan tanah said...

chalet peladang kah itu?
semoga najib bertabah selalu...

najibu said...

bukan, chalet kat marina. peladang xnk bg sewa chalet

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