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Monday, December 15, 2008

My sacrifice

Exactly a week ago, we celebrated what most people know in Malaysia as Hari Raya Korban (lit. Big Day of Sacrifice). My family celebrated it in our kampung in Baling, Kedah. They had a cow sacrificed there. The whole process of sacrificing the cow is done at the butchery (by the folks there, no less) but the rest of it, which involves separating the flesh from the bones, mincing the meat into fine think slices and cutting them bones are left to the family.

I wish I could post some photos of it, but they are potentially graphic and with me having low tolerance to massive volume of blood, I think I'll pass. Heck, I kept my distance from where they did all that stuff. I feel kind of bad about it now, but if i were to get close, I'd feel worse then .Weird is that I don't seem to have a problem if its my own blood though. Anyways, many know of this day, but there are equally as many who do not know how it originated.

The history of sacrifice dates back to the very beginnings of mankind, when the Adam's two sons offered their respective sacrifice to God. This however, isn't where the story starts. It began much later, during the era of the prophet Ibrahim (also referred as Abraham in some cultures). The prophet Ibrahim and his son, Ismail (Ishmel) were instructed by God to rebuild the Ka'aba - the structure to which present day Muslims face during their prayers - on the foundations where the first man, Adam had originally built it in ages past.

Upon the completion of the Ka'aba, Ibrahim saw a dream in which he slit the throat of his son as a sacrifice to God. Unsure of whether it was an order from God or merely a dream, he consulted his son Ismail (Ishmel), to which he responded : "My father, do what has been told by God, God willing, you will find me among the patients".

Just as Ibrahim wanted to sacrifice his son, God, most merciful that He is replaced Ismail with a kibas (a kind of sheep)*. This event serves as a testament that there is no cost to great for the cause of God and Ibrahim and his son Ismail has shown that their faith to God was so strong that they would surrender everything, be it their own life of the life of one they love for God.

We probably don't have it in us to go to the extent that they did, but sacrifice can come in many way. Going to the 'ulu' places, far from the confort of civilisation to teach could be a sacrifice as well, if you know what I mean...haha.

*note : just to clarify, the sacrifice (ie. the cow) isn't for God, rather, it is the act of sacrificing is what is dedicated to God, for He, most glorious that He is needs not from us.

My sacrifice, performed by Creed.

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soyasofya said...

yup, ulu places.. without internet.. hurm.. hurm..

najibu! said...

ulu places with internet is more like it...hhehe

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